Iceland 2013

During my first trip to Iceland in 2006, I had such a great time that I made a promise to myself to return before I turned 30 years old. This past August, I fulfilled that promise on time (just barely!)

Since my previous visit was during off-peak season (May/June), some of the best sites were not accessible because they hadn't thawed out enough. That meant I had to concentrate mostly on the sites along the Ring Road (which I enjoyed thoroughly), and the interior of the country was not open yet.

My goal this trip was to visit during peak season (August/early September) in order to explore some of the less accessible areas of the country that I missed the first time out. This required a bit more planning and research, as all bookings had to be made in advance. It did, however, hold the promise for an amazing trip!

There were three main areas I chose to explore:

Use the map below to view my photos.