I wasn't going to leave without sampling the seafood from a prime coastal city like Sydney. And the best location for this activity is clearly the Sydney Fish Market. The Fish Market offers fresh seafood in bulk, and also serves prepared meals in a food-court like setting inside the complex.


The takoyaki was the highlight of my experience at the Fish Market. Takoyaki is a Japanese invention of fried octopus balls, and the takoyaki here was delicious, flavourful, and outstanding. Far superior to what I had in Japan, believe it or not.

To be fair, those of you who remember my Japan Journal will recall the takoyaki I sampled in Japan was bought and cooked in the back of some guy's van, and as such is probably not the best benchmark...

Nevertheless, I stand behind Sydney's takoyaki. And it's clearly well loved by Sydney-siders, as evidenced by it's ubiquity in sushi bars and stalls around the city. I tried it in a few different places, but none could beat the standard set by the Fish Market.


While at the Fish Market I also picked up a kilo of King prawns to transform into a meal. They cost slightly more than an equivalent weight of frozen prawns as purchased in Canadian grocery, but only because you were paying by weight for the full bodies including the inedible parts like the head. But it was worth it because you can't beat the flavour of freshly caught seafood. I boiled them whole to lock in the flavour, and then cleaned and prepared them. They turned out to be as succulent and delicious as I hoped, and Steph also approved.


My final seafood experience took place closer to home. If you ever happen to be in Vancouver, do yourself a favour and go to Yan Sushi (8051 Granville St between 64th and 65th) and order yourself some nigiri. That's my favourite sushi restaurant in Vancouver which I discovered several years ago when I was living a few blocks away. Their nigiri is out of this world. It will be a long time before I'm willing to foul my mouth with Ottawa sushi again after this reminder of the Real Thing..