Preikestolen, or 'Pulpit Rock', is a unique feature on the cliffs above Lysefjord.  It's a flat square section extending off the cliff, where one can stand to witness the entire spectacle of the fjord amid sheer 1000m drops on three sides!

I was fortunate to have the weather in my favour and the view extended all the way to the far side of the fjord!  This was truly one of the most spectacular places I have been.

Getting to Preikestolen involves a hike, so I was not expecting to encounter a lot company on my journey.  Yet it was heartening to pass a surprising number of fellow travelers (of all ages) embarking on this quest together, all sharing in high spirits.  And for good reason!  Experiencing the Lysefjord is a celebration of life itself.  I encourage everyone to make this pilgrimage some day.


On my way up



On Preikestolen!  Two steps backwards and I'll be standing on 1000m of air








After spending some time on Preikestolen, I left the trail to hike higher up for a better view of Preikestolen itself.  I was the only one who did so (I suppose it doesn't enter people's minds to leave the confines of the trail).  This is where I got the best views.  The following pictures will give you a better idea of what Preikestolen is all about.




Panorama (click to enlarge):