My voyage through the Lofoten Islands, and eventual arrival at , provided me with enough evidence to be certain I was in for a treat.  Let's just say it's no coincidence the town's name is pronounced 'Awe'.  This was my first real taste of life beyond the Arctic Circle: the land where the sun never sets...  And just minutes after arrival I disappeared on a 6 hr hike lasting until 2am!  How's that for making use of the midnight sun?

In fact, during my four days on the Lofoten Islands I took advantage of the perpetual sun at every opportunity, ignoring my aching feet, even going on multiple hikes in the same day, and routinely returning to bed well after midnight.  Hiking on the Lofoten Islands was easily the best part of Norway for me.






Summer in the Arctic may be the closest thing to a Utopia that you'll ever find

As butterflies float gently above a blanket of flowers, my absurd presence provokes laughter from energetic birds who shuffle between stretching meadows, interrupted only by musical streams gliding towards the sea.  Meanwhile, perplexed by the notion of setting, the sun remains unwilling to say farewell to this celebration.

This all exists for me?.!