First Day In Kobe: A Happy Time





“Hai!” The waitress, nowhere to be seen yet still within earshot, acknowledges our request from somewhere in the pub.  “Hai,” calls a waiter, also out of sight, upon hearing her.  A third “hai”, delayed and muffled, resonates from the back of the pub as yet another waiter responds, not to be left out.


The waitress appears at our table immediately.


“Kawari mitsu,” says Beckstead, holding up his beer glass and pointing to mine and Malc’s.  Three changes, please. 


Another round at Happy Time.




We are enjoying the “Happy Time” at the local pub: all you can drink between the hours of 5-7pm for 1000 yen ($10).  The only rule is that you have to finish your drink before you order your next one.


We are getting our money’s worth tonight.  But more importantly, it is great to catch up with Dave and Steve, two good friends who have been away at university (for way too long!).