The Westman Islands are an active volcanic area located just south of Iceland.  The last eruption occurred in 1973, destroying 400 homes.

The terrain features reality-defying islands, jutting vertically out of the ocean to create dramatic cliff faces.  Meanwhile, mainland Iceland is always present in the background.




The red volcano cone of Eldfell (221m high), appeared overnight in 1973


Eldfell is still steaming today, hot enough to bake bread


Like a modern art piece, this was taken from Eldfell: red of the volcano, green of a farmer's field, black of the recent lava field, and blue of the ocean.


The path of the lava as it flowed from the volcano and curled towards the town in 1973


Perhaps my favourite photograph of all




The other side of the island has rugged sheep-grazing terrain.  Notice the string of islands emerging from the ocean.


Walking on these narrow trails was a dizzying experience, especially when the wind picked up.  But the view was worth it.


The mountains and glaciers of the mainland are visible in the background


A secluded lagoon - and lots of birds