The Golden Circle

The "Golden Circle" is the most popular tourist attraction in Iceland.  It includes three locations:


This beautiful spot holds historic significance. It's where the AlȚing (General Assembly) met during Viking times.  This is also one of the places where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates are separating!


The "Golden Waterfall".  Not as beautiful as the hype, in my opinion, but still nice.


Hot water explodes from the ground!


Icelandic "Sleeping Bag Accommodation" - offered at guesthouses, equivalent to the price of a hostel bed


Nesjavellir geothermal power plant


Țingvallavatn (at Țingvellir) - the largest lake in Iceland


Țingvellir:  the separation of the tectonic plates!






Strokkur, at Geysir, goes every 10 minutes


Keriđ - volcanic explosion crater


Hveragerđi - this puddle of boiling water spontaneously appeared in front of the gift shop one day!