Resources for New Parents

Having recently gone through the birth of our first child, the following were helpful resources that I felt worth documenting here:

The Birth Partner

“A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions”

The Birth Partner

Recommended by our midwife. By far the best reference about what goes on during labour and delivery.


Cribsheet “A data-driven guide to better, more relaxed parenting”

Released this year, this book takes a data-driven approach to answer all kinds of choices facing parents regarding their newborn. We liked this one for the non-judgmental tone and the evidence-based advice. The author also has another book in the same style which covers pregnancy.

What to Expect (When You’re Expecting | The First Year)

What to Expect

The quintessential classic is a great reference. I use this whenever I want to ask “what do most people do”. It really does cover a lot of ground.

24 Hour Cribside Assistance

24 Hour Cribside Assistance is an online guide for new fathers.