Soundtrack of 2018

Music has a curious way of permeating your life, such that years later a song can stir up forgotten memories and emotions. Each song is precious in a way that only we can fully understand.

These songs formed the soundtrack of my life in 2018.

Black Violin - Stereotypes (album 2015)

A mix of hip hop and classical, Black Violin pushes the boundaries of each genre. I’ve actually been listening to this album for a couple years now and still not tired of it!



Dr. Toast - Light

A constant at the yoga studio, this song takes me straight to my centered happy place.


Bonobo - Sweetness (bootleg album 2002)

This was my album of choice to listen while coding this year. Enough repetition to let your mind focus, enough complexity to keep things interesting when you surface.

The Balconies - Show You (album 2012)

The Balconies are a local Ottawa rock/pop band who I was into 10 years ago. This album was recorded in 2012 but never released because the band’s style had changed in the intervening time, so they kept it hidden away for all these years. I was more a fan of their old style anyway so once the band folded and released the forgotten album I was very happy to have access to it.


Various Irish artists - Musical Pub Crawl (album)

Our travels in Ireland this year took as to a musical pub crawl in Dublin. We were able to purchase an album of traditional Irish music which is exceptional but I cannot find it online. It’s become our staple soundtrack this year while cooking and doing stuff around the house.