Yukon 2016

Day 9: Whitehorse

Day 9: Tues, August 2

Today was a "try to do everything we still want to do in Whitehorse day", which was a fair bit but did turn out to be mostly doable. The cultural centre wasn't open when we first went to it, so instead we started our day at the art exhibit at Yukon college. There were two shows that we saw (the third was films we didn't really watch). The first was an exhibit on mental health, featuring people from the Whitehorse community that had a portrait of each person and a short sentence about what their fear was or mental health issue in their own words. It was quite powerful and very well done. The second was a collection of photos from the NWT, which detailed a lot of daily life. They were very interesting as well.

From there we headed to the cultural centre. We ended up spending more time here than anticipated. They had a section on the archeology that had gone on in the surrounding areas with archeologists and members of the local First Nations. Alex isn't quite sure how they can tell that some of the stones they find were tools since they don't look like much! Sam says the answer is practice. Which makes sense. The cultural centre was doing a talk about how the totem pole in the middle of town was built, with one of the local carvers who worked on it discussing the design that went into it and how they got it done. This totem was erected in honour of the truth and reconciliation commission and to remember what occurred in these areas with the residential schools. It was really interesting to hear how they consulted with the First Nations elders in the area and were told that it needed to be a positive symbol showing how things are being rebuilt rather than focusing on the negative. That's a very powerful way to look at it.

The one thing we ran out of time to do in Whitehorse was visit the carving studio, which only got added to our list because of his talk. They aren't open on Sunday's so it looks like we'll have to put it on the list for next time.

The final tourist destination was the Macbride museum that was chock full of all things Yukon history. We got our bear photo here, although I suppose some people would claim a stuffed bear doesn't count. The museum also talked about the animals in the Yukon, the railway, what life was like for the early Mounties, and a bit about panning for gold. There was more, but some exhibits were closed for renovations and we were a bit museumed out.

We then headed to Baked cafe for lunch and then off to the North End gallery to decide on what other art we wanted to buy. We ended up getting a print of Kluane, which we think is the same valley that Bill Darling drove us to. Beautiful colours!

Then we met up with Sam at the tattoo parlour, and we were off to Grey mountain. I think I can safely say that we wouldn't have either found this on our own or been sure that we were on the correct road without Sam. She said it was pretty close to four wheeling. Some very large pot holes! The locals called it a walk, we would call it a hike I think it's safe to say. Sam kept saying she wasn't fit and then kept on walking! We finally decided that while she may not be Yukon fit, she is city fit. The view was really nice, looking out over Whitehorse and the surrounding countryside. We think we walked about 4km.

Then we convinced Sam to join us for dinner at the Klondike Rib & Salmon. Chad had the reindeer stew and Alex had the salmon glazed with birch syrup (which it turns out tastes like molasses, yum!). Then back to Lindsay's house to relax. Another successful day!

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