Yukon 2016

Day 8: Haines to Whitehorse

Day 8: Mon, August 1

Another beautiful sunny morning in Haines and quite warm too. Chad woke an hour before the alarm, enjoyed a $5 campsite shower, then set up to read on the folding chairs (borrowed from the campsite) beside our tent and overlooking the inlet with the mountains in the background. Alex joined him and they remained there until it was time to pack up to catch our ferry.

The car ferry to Skagway takes one hour and has to be booked in advance because it's always sold out. Overall nice scenery along the way but basically similar to the views in Haines except for one waterfall, so nothing to get too excited about (Alex only looked up from her book once).

Skagway had 3 cruise ships docked and was clearly set up to accommodate tourists. Cruise ship prices everywhere in town and lots of fancy jewelry and souvenir stores. We had not seen so many people in awhile, it was a bit shocking. It made the town seem inauthentic to us, in spite of the gold rush era preserved wood store fronts. So we did not stay long.

The drive to Carcross was spectacular, especially after entering Canada when the lakes began appearing below the mountains. The scenery here reminded us a lot of Banff. We pulled over several times to grab photos.

We stopped in Carcross for a snack and sorbet and browsed a few gift shops. The visitor centre had a nice set up next to it with a boardwalk connecting several boutiques. There was also a fairly large general store with mocassins and other traditional clothing that we did not see for sale anywhere else on our trip. Then we stopped at the Carcross "desert" on the way out of town, a sandy dune really. Something a little bit unexpected.

Finally we met Sam in Whitehorse and went for cheap pizza night with her & Neva.

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