Yukon 2016

Day 7: Haines Alaska

Day 7: Sun, July 31

One thing we didn't think to check when planning this trip was whether much would be open on a Sunday of the state fair, or whether in a town of about 1,800 much would be open on Sundays at all. The verdict is that the museums we wanted to look into were closed (two not open Sundays & one closed for the fair), and a few of the stores were as well. All well in the end, as we had a lazy Sunday, wandering through the stores that were open and relaxing (Alex reading, Chad sleeping). Chad bought Alex a beautiful bracelet that reminds them both of the glaciers as a thank you for doing all the driving on this trip, as it was a stick shift car. Alex also found a copy of the new Harry Potter book, and has shown marvelous restraint in not reading it yet. ;)

We did drive by the fair grounds eventually, but as it looked like things were wrapping up we decided not to go in.

Dinner at the Hasling seafood restaurant was very yummy, with mushroom & shrimp perogi being the highlight for Alex. The rest of dinner was a tempura salmon roll (all fried on the outside not just the salmon), French onion soup for Alex and salmon tacos for Chad, followed by a chocolate torte with fresh peppermint ice cream. Life is tough.

Today we also saw several bald eagles flying over the town, up to 5 in one group. They really are huge and impressive to watch!

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