Yukon 2016

Day 6: Haines to Haines

Day 6: Sat, July 30

Today we headed off from Haines Junction to Haines Alaska. We took our time and did several lookouts, walks, and one hike on our way south. We needed to justify bringing our hiking boots and poles with us, and we did! The hike up to the rock glacier produced beautiful scenery, although the glacier itself was a bit of a disappointment. You couldn't see anything much up close other than a pile of rocks. Kathleen lake was also lovely, with a vista we recognized from several paintings once we walked around the edge of the southern shoreline.

We also stopped at Million dollar falls, which was a steep canyon with an impressive amount of water moving through it. We stopped at a lot of lookout spots on our way down the highway, and drove down Marinka's Hill, named after Sam's mom. Then we were into the USA.

We had been told to stop at the eagle preserve but didn't realize that was just a couple of lookouts along the road so we missed them. Didn't see any bald eagles flying over at that point though anyway. We arrived in Haines to discover that the visitor information centre was closed, but Chad was able to find out that the distillery we needed to stop in at was only open for today. So after a stop at our campsite to set up the tent (thank you Marinka for the foamies!!!) we headed into town to buy some gin as a thank you gift for Lindsay who we were staying with in Whitehorse. We sampled a few things and then also bought some gin for ourselves, along with some vodka since Sam had sent us wedding money a while ago telling us to buy vodka with it and we hadn't yet. Dinner at the Fireweed was pretty yummy as well. Then we drove around Haines, trying to find the fair grounds since the Alaska state fair is currently happening. Needless to say we didn't find it until we stopped looking as it was actually out of town. Then we drove up to Chilkoot Lake to see if we could see any bears. We didn't but there were a ton of people out looking for them with big tripods. We did however see some impressive other sights. We saw ducks race up the current, which was impressive to watch, and then a bald eagle flew right overhead. Overall a successful night.

Alex wasn't paying attention while writing up the journal, and left the car lights on. So we ended up with a late evening as we had to have the car jump-started and then drive around for half an hour to recharge the battery. Thank goodness for staying somewhere where the first person we asked for help had cables and was able to help us!

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