Yukon 2016

Day 5: Haines Junction and glacier flight tour

Day 5: Fri, July 29

Today was a beautiful day. The skies were clear and there was no wind. So right after breakfast Bill took us to the air field to see about going on a flight over Kluane National Park. We were in luck, and ended up being able to fly with the pilot that Bill and Marinka know well, also named Alex. It was spectacular. Words really aren't going to be able to describe it. We did the Grand Mountain Tour, 75 minutes long. Bill said it was the clearest day he's had and he's done the flight at least once a year for several years. We had full view of Mount Logan and could even see the Pacific Ocean. We came out over the Lowell glacier. What really drove home the size of the park was when we went back to the visitor centre and watched a video about Kluane that included people on the mountain to show the sheer size of the glaciers and mountains. We're not even a speck compared to them. Truly awe inspiring.

Bill then took us on a driving tour of Haines Junction, showed us some of the main buildings and homes. Then we returned to the house in time to meet Bill's sister Nancy & her husband Barry who were staying over for the night before heading down to the Haines Alaska state fair. So they joined us as we went to the local bakery for a late lunch - yummy cheese bread wrapped around a bison sausage for Alex & pizza for Chad, with a ginger snap cookie to share. Then on for soft ice cream to round out the meal. Bill then showed us what a big truck can do, driving us down a couple of trails that normal city cars would never have made it through. We went down the Alsek valley trail, and then back out and later across the original unmaintained stretch of Alaska Highway which did not pass through Haines Junction (they left the town out originally because it was a more direct route). All in the name of finding a bear for us all to see. We didn't find one, but we did enjoy the bouncy ride. Nancy works for the Yukon government & is in charge of building the new LTC home in Whitehorse, so she and Alex chatted most of the afternoon, and Barry went to Cornell. So several connections. Chad got asked if he could fix Nancy's phone, sadly, he had to say no.

After returning to the house we had another delicious meal, and got to meet Sam's sister Neva, who was in town to visit for a couple of days. A full house!

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