Yukon 2016

Day 4: Haines Junction and Sheep Mountain

Day 4: Thurs, July 28

Today we headed to Haines Junction. It's supposed to be less than a 2 hour drive, it took us about 3 we think, with a stop for lunch at the Otter Falls truck stop (there are small falls there that used to be on the back of the $5 bill but we didn't try to see them.) The scenery got better and better as we went along.

Then an hour or so at the Haines Junction information centre and the First Nations cultural centre. We had an interesting time chatting with one of the First Nations women who worked there, as she explained how the area has developed, how the First Nations that live in the area have historically lived and what they are now able to do because these groups have settled their land claims and are therefore involved in decision making about the parks with Parks Canada.

We then found Sam Darling's parents home (Bill and Marinka) thanks to her excellent directions that we didn't really understand at first: stay on the Alaska highway, just past the outhouses the driveway is on your right, and there is a veterans highway sign in French. We knew we were in the right place when we turned in & Chad saw the big "Darling" sign on the wall, and Alex saw the hugest cat tree in the window. After saying hello and getting settled in, we drove out to Sheep Mountain to see what we could see. What we saw was a beautiful views, but no sheep. I suppose you can't win them all. But we finished off the night with a delicious home cooked meal, so that was a lovely win.

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