Yukon 2016

Day 13-14: Wrap Up

Day 13: Saturday, August 6

We checked out of our hotel in Dawson and drove to Dredge No 4 site to view the dredge (from the outside only as we didn't feel like shelling out $20 each for a guided tour). It was moderately interesting to look at. This completed our collection of 20 stamps in our Yukon explorer's passport, which is the threshold required for entry into a special draw for gold!

The drive to Whitehorse went Very quickly. We stopped in Carmacks for gas and had lunch at the same place as our previous drive (Coal Mine canteen) on the north side of the river, and I would eat there every time.

We took a detour to the Takhini hot springs since it was on the way to Whitehorse and we hoped that it would loosen up our muscles after all that driving. It did, but after awhile Alex started to get a headache so we left. Afterwards at Sam's recommendation we stopped at Cafe Balzam right next to the hot spring for dinner. They specialize in crepes and it was really good. A nice way to end our vacation.

Day 14: Sunday, August 7

Our last day of vacation. Simon (the cat) tried to wake us up at 6:45 to get breakfast but we didn't oblige. We didn't sleep in much today though - you don't want to lose the morning when that's all you have. We had packed everything up the night before, so once we were ready to, we loaded up the car and headed into town. We cleaned the car we'd borrowed from Sam's parents in a coin car wash - Chad's first experience with one. We actually managed to stay relatively dry. Then we headed to the visitor's centre to submit our passports for our chance to win 2 Troy ounces of gold. We'll keep our fingers crossed, but we won't hold our breath. Then off to breakfast at the Baked Cafe, and some wandering through shops to pass the time. Once enough has passed, we headed back to Lindsay's, where we met Sam and she drove us to the airport. It's been a great two weeks! Hard to believe it's over and we're now sitting on the plane headed home.

General/Random Thoughts

Dawson: Dawson is an interesting mix. As Chad said, you're not entirely sure you're in Canada. With its gravel dirt roads and wood plank sidewalks, and brightly painted houses you feel a bit like you're in what the Wild West might have felt like. Then you remember that you sort of are - the Wild West of the gold rush, and while it's far from home it's still Canada. All of the people we've met here have been lovely, and we've had more random conversations with locals and tourists here than anywhere else. The population is about 1300, and they see about 60000 tourists come through each year, although it doesn't feel like it's crowded. The two main industries are mining and tourism, and the locals pack a year's worth of work with Parks Canada etc jobs into the 4-5 months when most tourists are here.

Yukon Brewing beer rankings (by Chad):

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