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Penang Food

Food culture is a big part of life in Malaysia. Malaysian cuisine is a fusion of Indian, Chinese and the native Malay (which is similar to Indonesian). Probably half of the tourist attractions you must do while in Malaysia are the different food items you need to try. That's why we have a whole page dedicated just to Penang food :)

Street Food

Street food is where it's at! Motorbikes would form impromptu drive-thrus at the street stalls

Not the best photography or presentation, but these three were probably our top favourites: satay, poh pia, and char kway teow

Assam laksa

Onde Onde (dessert)


The best samosas

Freshly squeezed juice from the street vendors was super freshing. Starfruit juice was our favourite!

Food Tour

We signed onto a walking food tour to learn about Penang breakfast food.

Tour Stop #1: Half boiled eggs with soy sauce, kaya toast, and local "white" coffee

Tour Stop #2: Curry Mee

Tour Stop #3: Char Kway Kak

Tour Stop #4: Otak Otak

Koay teow th'ng

Tour Stop #5: Ais Kacang with durian ice cream

Pie Tee

Cooking Class

We did a cooking class and learned how to make three Nonya dishes. Amazing!

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