Southeast Asia 2016

Day 8 Chiang Mai shopping

Day 8: Saturday Nov 26

Today we had noodle soup for breakfast which was delicious. Chad tried the Tom yum which was excellent but he still has not found one in Thailand that he likes better than the Kanata Noodle House. Alex thinks we should eat breakfast there every day!

After breakfast we hopped onto a public taxi heading for the west end of town. The driver quoted a price almost half what we expected so we didn't bargain it down further, although I'm sure someone more determined could have. There ended up being a lot of traffic anyway so we think we got our money worth.

We were going shopping at Adorn, a textile and weaving shop that is also a social enterprise. It sources and makes everything locally in an environmentally sound way, while providing local rural cultures a way to continue their traditions and providing them an income without having to leave their lands.

Afterwards we got a public taxi back into town but paid 50 cents more than the other direction so Alex teased Chad about his bargaining skills. Along the way three girls joined our taxi, then a woman and a child, and finally an old lady. So the driver had a good haul on this route.

By this time of the day it was really hot so we holed up inside, after having another lunch of koi soi at the same restaurant as last time. While these restaurants near our hotel are hopping for breakfast and lunch, they strangely close down for dinner. This koi soi might be the best dish we eat in Thailand, and it only costs $1.75!

After naps and relaxing in air conditioning (did we mention it was really hot today?!) we awoke refreshed for our second big excursion of the day - the Saturday Walking Market! We detoured through a shop that had beautiful and detailed wood carvings, and then headed out of the old city. It wasn't hard to find the action. They had police directing traffic because it was so hectic to get across the main roads. The walking market was probably about a kilometre long, but it had multiple side streets and offshoots. There were so many different things to look at, and so many different foods to taste. We finally decided that we would walk down one side and back on the other. This strategy didn't quite pan out, but we tried.

We even found the silver temple that the gentleman told us about the other day.

We made it to the end of the street, having decided there were a few things of interest to explore on the way back in terms of purchases and food. Then we started our return trip, but somewhere along the way, we got a bit turned around. We ended up being sure we were walking the wrong way, so we turned around. Then we were sure we were going the wrong way again. We did this about three times (finding some nice things to buy while we were at it, and munching away on meat skewers, pad Thai, & noodles) and then finally wised up and asked one of the vendors. She nicely pointed us in the right direction, and we made a beeline for it - we weren't going to get turned around again! We did find our way out, stopping to get a coconut waffle on the way. Then all that was left was to get our last dessert of rotee, and back to the hotel we headed. A very good day!

And we've managed to push our bedtime all the way back to 10:30pm. Hopefully that means we both wake up at normal times tomorrow! We just need time for breakfast and to pack our bags before we fly to Bangkok.

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