Southeast Asia 2016

Day 21: Penang street art, Singapore

Our last day in Penang! So what do we do? more shopping of course :)

This morning we were on a mission. We knew what final items we were looking for, and we were pretty successful in finding them (and maybe one or two extra too...). The new duffle bag we bought is just barely big enough for everything!

We also found the street art that we had missed the previous time we went looking. Our favourite is still the boy with a dinosaur on a leash, it just can't be beat.

We checked out of our hotel (bags bulging) and headed to the International Hotel for lunch. Our breakfast guide Danny has recommended the lunch buffet here, and we were not disappointed. Really, we were lucky to get a table. The place was hopping. We just went for whatever looked interesting, and overall it was very good. Multiple different types of curries. The restaurant was another one of these where the food and drinks are managed by separate people. Sadly they did not have star fruit juice for Alex, but watermelon was a good second. How are we going to manage at home without all of this amazing fresh fruit juice!?!

After checking in to our Singapore hotel, we headed out to find food in the Little India district the Bunc Hostel is located in. We decided to try somewhere different from when we'd arrived in Singapore, so we headed a little farther afield. We went into one restaurant and when we sat down the owner came over and said that all he was serving that night was idly (we think possibly because of Diwali?). We said sounds good, and had a lovely first dinner of idly and dosai, eaten with our fingers.

We decided that wouldn't be quite enough to tide us over till morning, so we tried out another place where we found fruit juice (honey dew for Chad and watermelon for Alex) and shared an enormous chicken murtuback. Very yummy!

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