Southeast Asia 2016

Day 16-17 Penang George Town

Day 16: Sunday December 4

Today we travelled to Penang, so not too much exciting to report. So long as you don't bring durian on the plane.

By the time we got to our hotel (the Museum Hotel) Alex wasn't feeling 100% (it was her stomach's turn to give out) so Chad offered to go and pick up street food on Chulia St. He returned very successful - Poe pia, beef satay, and char kway teow! A great start to our visit here.

Day 17: Monday December 5

A wonderful sleep on the most comfortable bed of our trip so far. Could have slept in much longer, but we had signed up for a 9am breakfast slot at the hotel. Chad had nasi lemak and Alex had eggs benedict.

The plan was to explore George Town on foot. We left the hotel and then realized it was so hot and sunny that we would need a sun umbrella if we were going to survive. The hotel had one we could borrow thankfully.

We walked the entire length of Chulia street, soaking up the wonderful smells of exotic cuisines, and stopping at a street stall for fresh juice (Star fruit juice was a big hit. We also tried jackfruit and dragon fruit.). While navigating the roads, we only got honked at once for not obeying standard pedestrian practice. There were generally no side walks.

At the end of Chulia street we walked one block over to Armenian street which is famous for its street art (murals painted on the side of buildings). There were lots of tourists posing with the art, but enough time in between to snap photos without anyone in the picture. There were 4-person bicycle carts that tourists were pedalling up and down this street which were funny to observe (think Fred flinstone car). We stopped in several shops along this street, once for durian ice cream that had a pleasant taste.

A bit more walking and shopping and then it was time to look for lunch. We found a street restaurant and ordered char kway teow (not spicy), which was SO good. Then back on the road, browsing more shops until we stopped again for juice. This time Chad had a drink called cendol - coconut milk, dark syrup, beans, green tapioca worms.

We made it back to the hotel, sweaty and stinky, around 3:30pm after a whole day exploring George Town. The cold shower was blissful.

After a rest, we set out again in the evening to visit the E&O hotel, a historic hotel which is where Chad's grandparents first met. It was fully decorated for Christmas which always feels so strange when it is +30 degrees outside.

Next we went to Chulia Court, a swanky bar/restaurant that was recommended to us. Chad had Sarawak laksa and Alex had char kway teow. It was tasty, but on balance we prefer the taste of the street food which is also a fraction of the cost.

After dinner, we walked up the street a bit further for second dinner - beef satay with fruit juice. Chad had honey dew juice which was actually quite delicious. Despite saying she was full, Alex ate her full share.

On our way back we picked up pandan muah chee which was being prepared in the back of a guy's motorbike. It is a dessert of glutinous rice rolled in peanut crumbs. Surprisingly delicious.

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