Southeast Asia 2016

Day 14-15 Bangkok

Day 14: Friday December 2

Alex was not feeling well today, so we skipped a day-trip to Ayutthaya and instead just relaxed around our hotel, laying outdoors on lounge chairs by the 4th floor pool. It was probably for the best because Chad's stomach decided it was not happy so he was thankful to stay around the hotel.

For lunch we had Thai food at a nearby restaurant called Charlie Brown. Chad had the stuffed omelet, which had a mild stew flavour that was perfect for his raw stomach. Not as good as Leo's, but it was closer so it was fine for lunch when neither of us were up for much.

Later for dinner Alex walked the 7 mins to the open air restaurant (Leo's) on the street corner to get takeaway pad Thai and coconut juice. Thanks Alex!

Day 15: Saturday December 3

Today we were excited to visit Chatuchak, the world's largest weekend market. Our cab driver let us off at a place called JJ mall, and while we knew we were near the market, we had to wander around the streets for awhile before we finally stumbled upon the main market.

Yeah, it was big. It was also hot, by this time it was around noon. We stopped for coconut ice cream, a favourite at the market, served out of a coconut shell. Suitably refreshed we were ready to brave the stalls. There was a paved road skirting the outside of the market, and towards the interior was just stalls and stalls with covered narrow walkways in between. Definitely cramped but not quite as claustrophobic or crowded as I had expected.

We picked up a few small items, Alex almost bought a pair of shoes, and then we caught a taxi home. Overall the market was good and it had a lot of different things, but the market in Chiang Mai appealed more in terms of artistic souvenirs etc.

Next, we set off for Beckstead and Sara's house to do laundry, as they generously offered us the use of their machine. It was great to see their place and catch up with them, Beckstead even trash talked the whole hockey pool even though he doesn't have a team anymore.

After that we went to a rooftop bar at the Banyan Tree building, one of the taller buildings in the area. Fantastic view of Bangkok from up there! Chad had a local cocktail called "haole" that was rum, vermouth, ginger ale, lemon and pineapple. Alex had a sweet juice. We paid a lot for those drinks, but the view was worth it.

Finally we capped off the evening with dinner with Beckstead and Sara at a favourite Italian restaurant. Great food, great company. A perfect way to spend our last evening in Thailand.

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