Southeast Asia 2016

Day 1-2 Montreal and Zurich

Day 1: Saturday, November 19

Shauna & John gave us a ride to the airport to start our vacation off on the right foot. Even though there was a ton of fog when we first got there, our flight didn't have any weather issues. We did have a mechanical issue that delayed the departure of the flight, but apparently it's only a 15 minutes flight to Montreal and they must account for this sort of thing because although we left over half an hour late we still landed pretty close to on time. We had lunch at the airport at Archibald restaurant, and Chad & Alex both agree it was absolutely delicious! Goat cheese burger and pizza. And the beer was pretty good too. Then a long wait for the next leg of the journey...

Day 2: Sunday, November 20

A 6.5 hour flight really isn't enough sleep, especially when they're waking you up to have two meals. But we tried to make the most of it, and sleep a bit. Dozing in and out is probably the most accurate way to describe it. Then another catnap when we arrived in Zurich (for Alex at least), and a very nice shower at the expensive (15CHF) but nice showers at the airport, and we were ready to hit the town... As soon as we figured out how to get there. Zurich is very organized if you know what you're doing. We didn't, so after going up and down among the floors of the airport/transit mall a few times, we asked the information and they pointed us in the right direction.

We spent the morning at the Swiss National Museum. They had a new exhibit about Renaissance in Europe, which was interesting but a little heavy for our tired brains. Then we confused ourselves with the history of Switzerland exhibit by doing the exhibit backwards. Not our fault, so did a lot of people. That's how the exhibits connected. It traced Swiss history and Zurich's history back several hundred years. Did you know that women didn't get the right to vote until the 1970s?

The less brain intensive part our day was the afternoon. We'd planned to wander the old town of Zurich, and lucky for us the map we got from the airports information had a route that took you to all of the main sites Alex had marked off. But by then we were hungry, so our first detour was for lunch. And not just any lunch. Chad had never tried fondue from Switzerland. So Alex had researched places to go that were open on Sundays. We ate lunch at Swiss Chuchi. But since their raclette menu was as extensive as their fondue menu, we had to try one of each. Needless to say, we were warm and stuffed. So much cheese...

We then wandered Zurich's old town. The narrow cobblestone streets and shop windows, whenever you saw a car you had to wonder how it got there. We stopped at the Grossmunster church, which was lovely in its simplicity, and had some very different stained glass windows. Then a random stop to listen to a street musician playing the violin. And on to the Lindenhof park. We did see Sprugli, but we didn't want to stop and eat anything because we were still too full. Now back to the airport to rest our tired feet and brains. Hopefully we get hungry enough to eat dinner, and get some sleep on this next flight.

We did end up eating dinner at the airport.

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